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Sebastian Jørgensen


Our Danish designers have decidedly an overflowing imagination. Weary of sad coat racks, they decided to embark on the realization of a bold project. Imagined and made in Denmark !

Quantity :

Dimensions : 100 x 18 cm

Dimensions of the hooks : 4 ankles of 4 cm (2 white, 2 roses), 4 ankle of 8 cm (2 red, 2 blue steel) and 4 ankles of 12 cm (2 blue and 2 green)

Materials : solid wood, bamboo, paint

Colors : natural wood

Information : Delivered in a flat package, the final assembly done at home. The cleaning of the bamboo is done by a damp cloth applied a little soap. Maintenance is done by sanding with sandpaper (180 grit) in the direction of the fiber. Then 3 treatments with linseed oil should be applied.

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History of the product

Coat racks, there are thousands. But designer coat racks such as this one, the choice is already more restricted. When you know then that this object is made of natural wood guaranteed without treatment (FSC) and that it can be compatible with a whole range of object... Then there, you are under the spell.

At first glance like a children's game, you can place this designer coat rack in an entrance or in a room and change the order of its 12 hooks. Adorned with a hint of color, it will bring an offbeat note and will challenge your guests !

The designer

Sebastian is an atypical designer. Danish and passionate about the culture of his country - and his particular design - he starts first in painting and sculpture. Discovering little by little the work of Børge Mogensen or Jean Prouvé, he wants to embark on the creation of furniture. Like the artist, he draws his sketches in advance and proposes projects. He is quickly noticed.

2007 marks a turning point in his thinking. He becomes a father and wonders about the legacy that his generation will leave to the next. The excessive consumption must stop and our way of consuming must adapt. Design furniture ? Yes ! But not with anything ... It is then that the use of bamboo, easily exploitable plant comes to mind. In 2011, in Copenhagen, he joined Klaus and Andres. Between them, they are thinking of proposing a new production, FSC certified - sustainable development - and carried out in optimal conditions. An example !

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