Jewelry box Lunudéa

130,00 €

Marion Brun & Thomas Gallet


A jewelry box? Much more than that! A real work of art design imagined (dreamed even!) And made in France by a studio full of talent. A clever mix of porcelain and wood that will impress you !

Quantity :

Dimensions: Height 8 cm - Diam. 14 cm

Materials : unglazed porcelain, cherry wood

Colors : white, natural wood

Information : limited edition. Easily cleanable with sponge

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History of the product

When design, craftsmanship and practicality come together, this gives an amazing and indispensable creation for your jewelry, and more particularly your earrings. Tired of losing her precious friends of lobes, Marion had the idea to create a jewelry box that would contain her most beautiful pieces while exposing them! Amazing !

Between the punk spirit and porcelain, this jewelry box called Lunudéa revisits the gesture of storage of earrings and other jewels by reversal of the codes of use of traditional boxes. The jewels are no longer hidden, they are shown!Each box becomes unique by its custom siding that dresses the whiteness of porcelain. This allows you to store your studded earrings more easily and to locate them faster. There are 80 holes, so you can store 40 pairs of nail stud earrings. Drop earrings can be placed around the bowl.

The designer

The Studio Martho is a French creation studio founded by Marion Brun, a product designer from the Olivier de Serres school in Paris, and Thomas Gallet, artistic graphic designer. The hammer is a common tool to many craft trades, here it is spelled to create the alliance of their two first names.

Attracted by the beautiful materials and those who shape it, Studio Martho creates everyday objects borrowed from a unique know-how. Their guideline is the association between the authentic side of matter and simple forms that allow the user an appropriation of the object. A more permanent link is created between the object and its owner.

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